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How to boost a car battery?

This guide will help you boost your own battery if you have the capacity to do so. If you need help, you can always call us for assistance at 416-900-3831

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Total Cost: CAD 50

Tools Required:

Battery Booster Pack
Booster Cables

Steps to Boost Your Car Battery

Step 1 - Locate the Hood Release Lever

Locate the hood latch lever inside your vehicle and use it to open the hood

Step 2 - Release the secondary hood release latch

Gently lift your hood until you feel resistance. A this point, you must locate the secondary hood release. The next step varies per vehicle. The secondary latch lever must either be pushed up, moved to the side or pulled.

Step 3 - Open the hood and put the support rod in place

Once the hood is open, hold it up with one hand and use your other hand to set up the hood support rod to keep the hood open slamming back down.

Step 4 - Locate the Battery Terminals

At this point, you must find the battery and locate the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The positive terminal is almost always covered with a red cap or has a red wire lead to it. If you can't locate the red identifiers, take a close look at the battery itself a find a positive + (plus) sign imprinted or moulded on the battery.

Step 5 - Connect Booster Pack

At this point, you can connect the booster pack red clip to the red terminal of the battery and black booster clip to the black terminal of the battery. Make sure the booster back is on after connecting and that the connection is secure and solid.

Step 6 - Start Your Engine

At this point, your vehicle is connected to the booster pack or booster cables and you may start your vehicle. If there is no sign of power activating in your car, check the connection of the booster pack to the battery. Sometimes a little wiggle here and there can help.

Step 7 - Call a Tow Truck for a Boost

If you are still having problems boosting your battery or do not have the technical skills to get it done, give us a call at 416-833-5700. We will dispatch a tow truck or a service truck to assist you with getting your battery boosted in North York.


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