• Remove all personal belongings and garbage from the vehicle

    It's important that you remove any personal belongings. Check all compartments including cup holders, door pockets, glove box and arm rest. Look under the seats and in between the rear seat and back rest! You might find some long lost coffee change! Don't forget to check above your sun visors. Don't forget your 407 transponder if you have one! It's the one most commonly forgotten item! 407 ETR will charge you for a lost transponder.

  • Locate and have ready the VEHICLE PORTION of the ownership

    The vehicle portion is on the left side of the Ontario Vehicle Ownership document. Scrapping a vehicle is considered a sale, so you must sign the back of the document and provide the name of the purchaser. The scrap yard will then transfer the vehicle over to their name at Service Ontario. Do not write any personal or driver's name on the Buyers Information Section.

  • Remove your license plates

    You will need some tools for this! Usually a 10mm socket or a phillips screw driver can do the trick. If  you don't have tools, the tow truck driver taking your car away may be able to assist, but be sure to ask ahead of time! Your can return your old license plates to Service Ontario along with the PERMIT (Plate) PORTION of the vehicle ownership (Right side). If your license plate validation tag is still valid, Service Ontario can give you a credit for the remaining number of months/years for use in the future. They do not provide cash refunds.

  • Get a quote from Auto Heaven by calling 1-888-638-6067 and arrange for a pick-up of your old scrap car

    There are Scrap Yards in Ontario which operate their own tow trucks. You can call for a quote and arrange a date and time for a pick-up. Most offer free towing. 

    Ontario Auto Recycling companies must be registered with EASR under Section 20.21(1)(a) of the Environmental Protection Act , the use, operation, establishment, alteration, englargement or extension of an end-of-life vehicle waste disposal site, as prescribed in O. Reg. 85/16

    You can search if a scrap yard is licensed using Access Environment Website.

    Alternatively, you can verify the legitimacy of the scrapyard by accessing the database from the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association. You may be pleased to locate Auto Heaven within that database.

    If you are getting quotes from Auto Recyclers online, you can verify their licensing using the above link. Many will claim they are licensed, but most aren't. Do your due diligence and deal with registered recycling yards only!

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What is the best way to scrap a car?

The best way to scrap a car in Ontario is by using a Licensed Auto Scrap Yard or a Salvage Yard. Some scrap yards offer free towing if you can't drive your vehicle to a scrap yard. This is an easy way to scrap your old car.

Do I need the ownership to scrap a car?

You need your vehicle ownership to scrap your car. If you lost your ownership and can't find it, you may contact the scrap yard to find out if they can make alternate arrangements. Some scrap yards will make exception with a Bill of Sale and ID

Should I let Service Ontario know that I've scrapped my car?

It's always good practice to let Service Ontario know that you've scrapped your vehicle. When you vehicle is purchased, ask for a Bill of Sale, which you can present to the Service Ontario office so they can put a "sold" status on your vehicle. Here's a list of locations at the  Service Ontario Website

How can I get the most money for selling my car?

You can get the most money for your car by following these steps:

  • Make sure your vehicle is clean and presentable
  • Fix any body damage and/or rust
  • Provide all repair bills and service records
  • List your vehicle for sale on many resources
  • Be fair and firm with pricing
Is a used vehicle information package mandatory for Scrapping a car in Ontario?

UVIP is not required to scrap your vehicle unless the scrap yard asks for it. This is usually for newer vehicles to ensure there are no liens on the vehicle.

Can I scrap a car without wheels?
You most certainly can. If you have good rims and tires that you'd like to keep for another vehicle or for a friend, you can always scrap a car without wheels. Reputable scrap yards offer flatbed towing services so that your vehicle can be transported without wheels. It's that simple. Just ask for a flatbed tow truck.
What is a scrap car worth in Ontario?
A scrap vehicle in Ontario can be worth anywhere from $100 and up to $10,000 depending on what can be salvaged and re-used from that particular vehicle. Some vehicles are purchased strictly for their bulk weight per tonne at current market rates, and others will get assessed based on parts resale value.
What paperwork do you need to scrap a car?
To scrap a car in Ontario, the owner of the vehicle must present the scrap yard with the original vehicle ownership document. At the same time, it is recommended that a Bill of Sale is produced by the Scrap Yard for the seller's record.
What should I remove from a vehicle before I scrap it?

It is advisable that you remove the following items from your car before scrapping it:

  • Aftermarket Navigation Systems
  • 407 Transponder
  • Garage Opener
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Phone chargers
  • Household Garbage
  • Loose Change

There may be other items which we haven't covered, but this gives you a good idea to remove these items before scrapping your car.

How do you get rid of old number plates in Ontario?

To get rid of old license plates in Ontario, you have several options:

  1. Return the license plates to Service Ontario.
  2. Keep your plates to use on a different or newly purchased vehicle. Be sure not loose the original Permit Portion (Plate portion) of the vehicle ownership which you must keep when you sell or scrap your car.
How much do you get for scrapping a car in Ontario?

You can expect to get anywhere from $100 and up to $10,000 for scrapping your car in Ontario. The payout will depend of the vehicle condition and value.

How do I get rid of a car in Toronto?
You can get rid of a car in Toronto by calling Auto Heaven Toronto at 416-256-4843. Your vehicle will be towed same-day in most cases, and you will get cash for your car.
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  • Vehicle Portion of the Ownership

    It is important to have your vehicle portion of the Ontario ownership ready for scrapping your car. On the back of the ownership you will find the vehicle transfer section, where you should indicate the name of the new owner, their address, indicate the sale date, odometer reading and finally - sign the document. This is imperative to have the vehicle transferred out of your name.

  • Used Vehicle Bill of Sale

    The Used Vehicle Bill of Sale is your proof that you have legally sold the vehicle. The document must contain all vehicle details including VIN number, Year of Production, Make of Vehicle, Model of Vehicle, Colour.

    Additionally, both the seller and buyer information should be on this document including First Name, Last Name, Address.

    It so happens that sometimes you may become a victim of fraud, where an individual may purchase a vehicle from you and then use that vehicle for undesirable activities such as theft, staging accidents, robbery, etc. without transferring the vehicle out of your name. Such vehicles are then abandoned and guess who the police will come to see first? For this reason, you must always keep a record of the sale.

    It is also advisable for you to visit Service Ontario immediately after the sale and advise them of the vehicle sale. The Service Ontario clerk will then change the status of the vehicle as SOLD in the Ministry of Transportation system.

    You can find a free fillable the Ontario Used Vehicle Bill of Sale by clicking this link

Are Scrap Car Batteries Worth Money?

All batteries have a lifespan. A typically battery can last 3-5 years if your vehicle optimally performs and the alternator is doing a good job at up-keeping that battery. Generally car batteries tend to last longer in warmer environments.

If the battery is dead and no longer holds a change, you may sell the battery to a scrap yard for cash. The price depends on the size and weight of the battery, and current market conditions

What's My Scrap Car Worth?

The worth of a Scrap Car depends on the current market conditions. The price for steel is typically the determining factor of the worth of your vehicle in scrap.

Some scrap yards will pay you more than just the weight of the vehicle if they find value in reselling parts from your vehicle.

You can expect to get anywhere from $100 and up to $1000 for a typical old car. Sometimes the value can go into thousands for newer models.

What is Scrap Car Value?

There are scrap yards that buy cars just for the steel and then there are salvage yards or auto wreckers which will buy the vehicle for parts resale.

Each of those entities will value your car differently. It makes sense to deal with a Licensed Auto Recycling Company to ensure you get the best value for your scrap car and to be at peace about the vehicle's resting place being environmentally friendly

How To Scrap Car Without Title?

If you don't have the ownership of the vehicle (referred to as Title in the USA), it may be a challenging process, but there's always a solution.

You may apply for a replacement ownership with Service Ontario. A the time of this publication the cost of replacement is $32 and must be done by the owner of the vehicle in person.

How To Know When To Scrap A Car?

Oftentimes you will find spending a lot of money on repairing your vehicle. It seems that once you fix one thing, the next thing breaks down. If this is your situation, you may want to consider scrapping your car. Check out this helpful article about When To Scrap Your Car

Where Do Your Scrap A Car?

Where is a good Scrap Yard Near Me

Start by researching your local Scrap Yards. A few things you may want to consider:

  • Make sure the scrap yard is licensed with the Ministry of Environment
  • Ensure they provide a payment for your vehicle in cash
  • Free towing of your vehicle from your business or home is a must
  • Call the Scrap Yard and talk to their representatives. Good companies have a "good feel" about them.
Can You Scrap A Car With A Lien?

If your have a lien on the vehicle, it most likely means that you owe money to a financing or leasing company.

Sometimes unpaid mechanic bill can result in a lien being placed on your vehicle.

Whatever your situation is, you must ensure that you clear the lien on your vehicle before scrapping it. Whether this means paying off the loan or getting a permission from the financing company to scrap the vehicle, the end goal is the same - clearing the lien from the vehicle title (ownership).

Sometimes if the owed amount is small and you make a promise to the bank to pay it off, they will provide you with a letter allowing you to dispose of the vehicle.


Get a free no-obligation quote by phone. In most cases, we will pick up your old car the same day.



Low Kilometer Engine That Runs

The engine of a vehicle is probably the most valuable components of the vehicle that dictates revenue for scrap yard. In-demand engines with under 150,000 km will definitely bring your scrap car value up significantly, especially if it's a late model vehicle under 5 years old.

Low Kilometer Operable Transmission

When looking a the scrap value of a vehicle, scrap yards always consider the transmission to be a key component in parts resale. This brings higher value to your vehicle. Original transmissions with under 200,000 km will give you the most value.

Rust-free body panels

Easily removable parts such as the doors and fenders of a vehicle are valuable components that scrap yards can resell to someone in need. If parts of the body of a vehicle is rusty, those parts can't be resold. This may bring the value of your vehicle down.

Catalytic Converter(s)

Part of your exhaust system has an cleaning and filtering device installed called the Catalytic Converter. Some vehicle may have more than one. The original factory installed Catalytic Converters carry a value and when de-canned can bring revenue to the scrap yard. Aftermarket replacements carry no value and because of this, the value of your vehicle may be reduced. What makes them valuable is trace contents of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

Alloy (Aluminum) Wheels

Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy wheels carry either a resale or recycling value of the material. If the wheels are in decent condition, a scrap yard may resell the wheels for profit. If the wheels are in poor, oxidized or damaged condition, the wheels will be recycling for their non-ferrous value.

Bumpers, Headlights, Tail Lights

Bumpers, Headlights and Tail lights are a typically a hot commodity for resale on relatively newer vehicles. Minor road accents happen every day, so bumpers and lights tend to be damaged in light fender benders. Undamaged bumpers and lights can be resold for a profit. If your bumpers or lights are damaged, the vehicle brings less potential revenue to a scrap yard and thus your payout may in some cases be less.


Difference between aluminum and steel rims
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You must include the following information on a bill of sale for the purchase of a used or new vehicle:

  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • make, year and power source for motor vehicles (gas, diesel, electric)
  • body type, colour and model (if available)
  • purchase price (taxes collected and HST/GST number if applicable)
    • Some exemptions may apply. For example, when transferring a vehicle to a family member as a family gift, the Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Motor vehicle in the Province of Ontario is required. This form is available online at or in person at your nearest ServiceOntario centre.
  • name, address and signature of the current owner/dealer or the leasing company (seller)
  • name and address of the buyer
  • sale/purchase date

The bill of sale must be an original document, but it can be handwritten. We will also accept a pre-printed bill of sale with a handwritten HST/GST number.

  • A photocopy or facsimile of the bill of sale is acceptable if either:
    • the original is viewed and photocopied at a ServiceOntario centre
    • the original and the photocopy are viewed at the ServiceOntario centre
    • the facsimile is sent directly from the seller to the ServiceOntario centre