Replacing a Catalytic Converter? Don’t Leave the Old Catalytic With The Muffler Shop

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A catalytic converter is a device used to convert harmful compounds in your car exhaust into harmless compounds. Although it performs a critical function in your car, it can be recycled when faulty. In other words, you can get paid for catalytic converter recycling due to its value, which is tied to the precious metals in it. It’s the reason cases of catalytic converter theft from vehicles are rising daily.

What should you do? If you are replacing your old catalytic converter, don’t leave it with the mechanic or muffler shop. Sell it to Auto Heaven instead. This article will talk about the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter, what to know about replacing it, and how you can sell it for profit.

For starters, here are signs that your catalytic converter is due for replacement:

Bad odour from exhaust

Rotten egg smell from your exhaust indicates that your catalytic converter cannot convert the smelly sulphide into odourless sulphur dioxide. The odour you perceive is the unburnt gases containing the smelly hydrogen sulphide from your exhaust.

‘Check engine light’ is on.

The illumination can mean different things. One of them is that the oxygen sensors in your car have detected that the exhaust gases are not being catalyzed properly for whatever reason. A diagnostic scan will usually pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

Poor acceleration

When the carbon buildup within the honeycomb design gets too much, it results in a partial blockage. Since your engine requires good exhaust flow but there’s partial blockage, it cannot operate at peak power.

Failed emissions test

Most states in the United States have a law in place that requires your vehicle to pass a smog test every few years to ensure that everything is working normally. If your vehicle fails the emission test, you are dealing with a failing or bad catalytic converter.

Reduced fuel economy

Another symptom of a failing, or bad catalytic converter is that your vehicle burns more fuel than it needs. This is because you are unable to accelerate properly, and you are forced to step on the gas pedal more to move at your desired speed.

Factors affecting the cost of a catalytic converter replacement

When it comes to replacing your catalytic converter, the costs depend on several factors, including

  • Your vehicle makes and model
  • The quality of the replacement unit
  • Labuor costs
  • Diagnostics and repair of other issues

Mistake to avoid when replacing a catalytic converter

Most vehicle owners make a common mistake when they discover that they have a bad catalytic converter is to leave it with a muffler shop. They assume that it is worthless because it is bad and that there is no point taking it back home with them.

However, a bad catalytic converter has some value. It contains expensive precious metals (such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium) commonly used in everyday products like jewelry, electronic devices, and industrial parts. Muffler shops are aware of this, and they sell them for profit. Rather than abandoning your faulty catalytic converter at a muffler shop, you can earn as much as a few hundred dollars when you sell it to us at Auto Heaven.

Sell Your Old Catalytic Converter

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