4 Signs It’s Time To Buy A New Car

4 signs it's time to buy a new car

November 12, 2020

Did you know that most cars – except very rare sports vehicles – experience 20% depreciation in the first 12 months after being driven off the lot and about 10% more every year?

Besides, older cars are less safe, and their running and maintenance costs are usually significantly higher than those of a new car.

So, no matter how attached you are to your vehicle, it may just be time to part with it and make yourself some money in the process by scrapping the old vehicle. Read on to find out reasons you need a new car.

Increased fuel costs: As technology continues to advance, cars in all categories have become more efficient. Improvements to catalytic converters and the electronics which control the performance of an engine mean that vehicles can go further on less fuel than their predecessors. Thus, upgrading to a new vehicle can save you a significant amount of money at the pumps – we are talking thousands of dollars in the long run. Today, a small family saloon can easily achieve 40mpg, while a 20-year-old equivalent version of it will struggle to attain even half that fuel efficiency.

Doubts about the safety of your vehicle: It is no secret that old vehicle isn’t as safe as the new cars on the road even though they have seat belts and airbags. From the shape of the seats to the size of the airbags, modern cars are better equipped to protect lives than ever before. If your family is about to expand, you should consider investing in the safest cars on the road. To ensure that nothing goes to waste, you could use the money generated from scrapping your old vehicle to contribute to the deposit for a brand new car.

Increased Environmental Dangers: As you might have already noticed, older vehicles produce a disproportionately large amount of emissions which is common as a result of their ageing mechanical components. Unfortunately, these emissions are harmful to the environment and those who live around you. In fact, several studies suggest that the nitrous dioxide that is emitted by older cars leads to the underdevelopment of children lungs. Hence, you can keep yourself, your family and those around you healthy and contribute to the sustainability of the planet by taking your older vehicle off of the road.

Upgraded Technology: Purchasing a new vehicle gives you the chance to enjoy a significantly better quality of driving, as gadgets and gizmos which were only used in the top-end models of the time have now trickled down and are available in almost every car. Trip computers enable you to carefully plan your rest stops. Adaptive cruise allows you to stay at the maximum speed without the risk of receiving speeding tickets. Other modern conveniences include being able to connect your phone to the car speakers with Bluetooth, and roasting hot heaters has transformed driving from a chore into a luxury.

As this article makes clear, there are excellent reasons to buy a new car now. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation. Not only are there better options than ever for choosing a new car, but you can make a significant profit from your old car through scrapping. It is for the latter reason that many car owners looking to change their vehicle opt for Auto Heaven, a licensed scrap removal company in Canada to get rid of their old junk car.