Why buying a used car battery is better than buying new

Do you need to replace your dead car battery but can’t decide on whether to opt for a used battery or a new one? If yes, you’ve come to the right place for an answer.

What many people do not realize is that used batteries can be just as good and reliable as a brand-new one, especially if properly tested and made ready by a dealer. Also, if you have a tight budget or plan to dispose of your car soon, considering switching your dead battery with a used one is a wise idea. Here are more reasons to opt for a used battery. Brand new batteries can be a few hundred dollars even at a discount retailer like Costco

  • Thoroughly Tested Batteries: Most used battery sellers, particularly renowned ones, thoroughly test every battery that it brought in to make sure they are sound, solid and stable. They would serve the purposes the buyer intends for them. Hence, you can be assured that a used battery can be up to the same standard as a new one and can equally last as long.
  • High Quality: One of the advantages of doing business with a reputable used car battery seller is the assurance that you’ll get the best quality available. After purchase, you should feel confident that you are going home with a reliable battery that will not only charge properly but will also keep your car running. A trustworthy used car battery dealer like Auto Heaven should be able to ensure these features are accessible.
  • Lower cost, cheaper option: If you are looking to save some money, then opting for a used battery might be your best bet. A battery that has already been used is likely to be available at a much cheaper price than a new one. Moreover, if you’re getting a high-quality device, why not go for a less expensive option?
  • Used Car Batteries May Barely Be Used: It’s true. Many used batteries are almost new. How? Consider this. Commonly, before a car is put on the market, the battery is replaced and most times if a car breaks down for other reasons and is recycled, the battery is removed because it’s still in perfect shape. Therefore, going for a used battery can be like purchasing a new one and saving quite a few bucks in the process.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reusing car batteries instead of throwing them away is a great way to reduce environmental pollution and help protect the planet. Used Battery Recycling companies like Auto Heaven require a buyer to bring their old batteries, thus eliminating the need for customers to worry about recycling. Besides, what’s better than keeping the environment green and saving some money doing so.

Generally, it can be a real hassle figuring out where to get a reliable used car battery as there are many sellers out there. This and the need to avoid being stuck with another dead battery is why it is crucial to look for a trustworthy dealer. With as low as $50, you can get a high-quality, load-tested and pre-charged recycled battery with a 30 days exchange warranty from  Auto Heaven. You can trust our batteries for optimal performance and durability.