10 Things You Should Do Before Junking Your Vehicle

old car scrap

If you’re wondering what can be done with that old,  damaged car taking up space in your backyard? Then this article is for you.

Taking it in for repairs might be a bad idea as it’s either too battered to be fixed the cost of repair is quite high. Instead, consider junking it.

Scrapping or junking your car is the best way to get rid of the clunker and earn good money in the process. Convinced yet? If you are, then here are the top 10 things to do before taking your old car to the junkyard.

  1. Choose a licensed scrap yard or junk dealer: Ensure that the junk removal company you decide to do business with is licensed. A reputable dealer can produce the license upon request, and some may even have a copy hanging in plain sight right in the office for your viewing pleasure. You want to make sure you’re working with a reputable and law-abiding establishment.
  2. Collect your personal belongings:  It isn’t uncommon for your old vehicle to play host to many of your stuff. Hence, to ensure none of your valuable personal belonging is lost, thoroughly comb through the car, particularly the trunk and other storage compartments before handing it over.
  3. Remove your license plates: To many car owners, this might look like an unnecessary step, after all, who needs the license plate of a dead automobile about to get crushed? However, license plates don’t stop being useful when a car retires from service. Removing license plates from the vehicle upon transfer of ownership is a legal requirement in several states in the US, and your DMV may ask for the plates when you apply to cancel the title.
  4. Take out parts of value: Keep in mind that some of the parts on your old car might be worth more to other buyers than they will be to the scrap yard. So, after you have removed your personal effects, make out time to determine what parts are worth money.
  5. Remove non-metal components from the car: While some dealers prefer your junk car as-is, others want a vehicle that has already been stripped down to the bare metal. Your best bet here is to find a reputable mechanic that can strip off valuable plastics, remove the seats, and empty the car of any fluids. 
  6. Iron out your paperwork: Although paperwork isn’t always required when you turn your car in at the junkyard, it becomes necessary if you want to transfer or cancel the title for your vehicle. Getting your car title in order allows you to transfer ownership to the dealer.
  7. Cancel your car insurance: You only need to maintain your insurance if your car is functional. So, once your vehicle has been turned in for scrap and you have the paperwork from the junkyard that your car has been relinquished, you should cancel your insurance as soon as possible.
  8. Shop for the best deal: Make out time to look for a deal that best suits your situation.  If you discover that dealerships in your area won’t pay what you think your car is worth, consider reaching out to Auto Heaven to see if they can provide a more equitable offer.
  9. Make sure the weight scale is certified: The more your car weighs, the more you will make from junking it. Thus, to maximize potential earnings, you must sure that your dealer is using a certified weight system. This is crucial because there are some dealers out there that are working with faulty scales or scales that have been compromised.
  10. Consider donating to Charity: This last tip is optional, but it won’t be so bad to know that the proceeds from your old vehicle go to charity. Also, donating is hassle-free, and you can claim a great tax deduction. Junk your car for quick cash or donate to charity, you’re sure to reap some financial benefits.

Junking a car is a smart way to get the old machine out of your property and put more money in your pocket, but the process can be tiring if you’re a newcomer to the business or mostly busy. Relieve yourself of some of the stress by doing business with Auto Heaven. We offer great deals regardless of the junker’s condition, age, model or size.